SUNY Empire State Mascot Competition

Which mascot will represent SUNY Empire?

The time has come to cast your vote for the first-ever SUNY Empire State College mascot!

Our collegewide committee of students, alumni, faculty, and staff have narrowed down a field of 180 fantastic mascot submissions to three finalists.

Get acquainted with our top three, and vote today to determine the fate of Blue, Cam, and Van. But hurry! Voting ends January 14, 2020.

The winner of the popular vote will be announced after voting has closed. Working in consultation with the winning entrant, the college will design the final mascot for unveiling at All College 2020.

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Image of a bluebird mascot

Blue the Bluebird

I’m the official state bird of New York—a true honor in a state filled with birds. I’m proud to represent the Empire State. I’d also be proud to represent SUNY Empire State College. As SUNY’s online college, our students can live and work anywhere—across the state and around the world. You might say we give them wings to fly. I symbolize intelligence, curiosity, and rebirth—traits and meanings I know a lot of SUNY Empire students can relate to.

Submitted by Charissa Naul - Staff

Cam the Chameleon

Yes, I’m a chameleon. (Please don’t mistake me for a gecko. I’m far more evolved.) I’m all about embracing change and adapting to the world around me – a lot like our students (and SUNY Empire, for that matter). Wherever life takes us, we find ways to grow and adapt to a quickly changing world filled with new experiences and opportunities.

Submitted by Jacqueline Eckelmann - Staff/Student

Image of Cam the chameleon mascot

Van the Vanguard 

I’m all about the cutting edge – leading the way in new ideas, pushing the boundaries of progress, and sparking change. Who better to symbolize SUNY Empire’s innovative spirit and courageous students than me? I’m a vanguard. You’re a vanguard. Vote for me as your mascot, and together, we’ll take on the future.

Submitted by Andrew Conroy - Staff

Image of Van the Vanguard mascot

Beyond the contest prize, no additional compensation will be provided for the continued use of the mascot design, artwork, or name. Winner agrees that they will relinquish the rights to the mascot to SUNY Empire State College for copyright, trademark, promotional use, and other uses as deemed necessary by the college. See the full contest rules.